Jasa Tirta II Bersama Forum Tarum Barat Juara Resmikan Green House || Jasa Tirta II together with the West Tarum Forum Champion inaugurated the Green House as a green open space in the Cikarang Dam and the West Tarum Canal, or better known as the Kalimalang Watershed, Wangun Harja Village, Central Cikarang District. The inauguration was carried out by planting tree seeds on the canal border by members of the West Tarum Champion Forum.

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The Green House itself is an action program of the Champion West Tarum Forum which aims to green the watersheds along Malang River and other rivers in Bekasi Regency. This action is part of a series of “Seeing, Sharing and Working for Kalimalang” programs which are intensely carried out by the Rumah Energi Foundation in collaboration with stakeholders involved with the Kalimalang Channel, including Jasa Tirta II through the Region I Unit.

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General Manager of Jasa Tirta II Region I Unit John Rico said that Jasa Tirta II fully supports the environmental preservation program in the West Tarum Canal and is grateful for the concern of the relevant stakeholders.

Meanwhile, H. Obon Tabroni, Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR, the Gerindra Faction, in his remarks said that he would support fellow environmental fighters who were moved to participate in greening the canal.

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The West Tarum Champion Forum itself is a cross-stakeholder collaboration forum between the Government, entrepreneurs represented by PDAM Tirta Bhagasasi, Jasa Tirta II, BBWS Citarum, academics, Village Patriot Community, Rumah Energi Foundation and Bambu Foundation Save Kali Cikarang which was declared on September 23, 2022. ***

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